Welcome To Religious Studies

understanding. convivencia. peace.

In Religious Studies at Cal Poly, we believe that changing the world begins by understanding. Our classes are opportunities for students to explore religions in our world in an unbiased and non-judgmental environment. Understanding leads to convivencia, a Spanish word used to describe the productive harmony that developed between Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Moorish Spain. Convivencia goes beyond mere tolerance and instead recognizes the value of diversity while preserving the possibility of a search for a single truth. Convivencia in turn leads to authentic and lasting peace, grounded in a common humanity with its diverse religious ideals. 

The academic study of religion is one step in this process. We encourage you to explore our website or drop by to meet with the minor program advisor or any members of the faculty associated with the program. We are happy to talk with you about what we teach and what excites us about the field of Religious Studies.

Religious Studies is an academic discipline devoted to studying the many forms religions take around the globe from a variety of perspectives. As a public university, our classes do not presuppose any faith position nor are we hostile to faith positions. Our goal is to provide thought-provoking classes that look at important issues from a variety of perspectives. 

Currently, Religious Studies is an academic program within the College of Liberal Arts that is administered through the Philosophy department. We offer a minor in Religious Studies and support a number of different opportunities for students and the community to reflect upon religion in our world. 

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