The Religious Studies Minor

The Religious Studies minor was introduced in 2003 for students who want to deepen their study of religion. Currently Cal Poly has about 30 Religious Studies minors.

This minor provides students with cross-cultural, interdisciplinary approaches to understanding diverse religions. Our focus is on the manifold ways religion has shaped and continues to shape our world and the people who live in it. Because religions have such a pervasive influence on culture and society, a background in Religious Studies is an asset to students in their personal lives, their broader academic goals, and their professional careers. A minor in Religious Studies enhances a degree in any major. 

Minor Declaration Form 2022–26

Minor Declaration Form 2021-22

Minor Declaration Form 2019-21

Becoming a Religious Studies Minor: Frequently Asked Questions

Minor Requirements

Graduate School in Religious Studies

Make an appointment to see a RELS minor advisor to discuss your plans for the minor. Once the student initiates the form and completes their information the advisor will approve the form and arrange for substitutions if needed. The approved form will go to the Registrar’s office and the student will automatically receive a signed copy for their records.

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