Cal Poly Theisms - A Religious Studies Club

Cal Poly Theisms - A Religious Studies Club aims to promote open-minded and thoughtful reflection upon issues important to Religious Studies by promoting activities, speakers, and other programs. Cal Poly Theisms was formed in the fall of 2006 as an opportunity for Religious Studies minors and other interested students to gather and to engage important Religious Studies issues.

It has the following specific goals:

  • To act as a unifying body for Religious Studies minors.
  • To promote the responsible, rigorous, and respectful discussion of religious issues on campus.
  • To bring to campus interesting speakers and presenters on religious issues.
  • To organize activities connected to important topics in the field of Religious Studies.
  • To serve as a hub for dialogue between different religiously-affiliated groups on campus.

Each quarter, the club plans:

  • Movie night at Professor Lloyd-Moffett's House
  • Religion and Food Night
  • Community Speaker about a Religious Tradition
  • Academic Speaker

We have two field trips a year:

  • Fall Day Trip
  • Spring Camping Trip
  • Recent field trips include the Vajrapani Buddhist Institute in Boulder Creek, Saddleback Church in Orange County, and Land of Medicine Buddha in Santa Cruz; as well as the Venkateswara Hindu Temple in Malibu, the Kali Mandir Temple in Laguna Beach, the Camaldoli Hermitage Monastery in Big Sur, St. Barbara Orthodox Monastery in Santa Paula and the Goddess Temple of Orange County.

If you would like to get involved or want more information, please contact Dr. Lloyd-Moffett.

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