Becoming A Religious Studies Minor: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I become A Religious Studies Minor?

To become a Religious Studies minor, you simply need to fill out the Religious Studies Minor Application form. Once the student initiates the form and completes their information the advisor will approve the form and arrange for substitutions if needed. The approved form will go to the Registrar’s office and the student will automatically receive a signed copy for their records.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Religious Studies Minor?

The Religious Studies minor provides students with cross-cultural, interdisciplinary approaches to understanding diverse religions.  Because religions have such a pervasive influence on culture and society, a background in Religious Studies is an asset to students in their personal lives, their broader academic goals, and their professional careers.  A minor in Religious Studies enhance a degree in any major.  

Besides these invaluable and intangible benefits, there are many concrete, immediately gratifying, and fun benefits from being a Religious Studies minor!  These include priority admission to Religious Studies classes – Religious Studies classes tend to fill quickly and minors  are often the only students we can allow to “crash;” our participating in our quarterly field trips, Movie nights, and Food & Religion nights; our annual camping trips.

Do Religious Studies Minor Classes Also Count For GE Credit?

Yes, courses you take to fulfill the Religious Studies minor that are also GE classes will “double-count” as the GE courses you need to graduate.  We offer several courses that fulfill GE requirements, including Areas C4, D3 D5, and F.

Do Religious Studies Minor Classes Also Count For USCP Credit?

Yes, courses you take to fulfill the Religious Studies minor that are also USCP courses will “double-count” as the USCP courses you need to graduate.

Do Religious Studies Minor Classes Also Count For My Major Program Or My Double-Minor?

Yes, if courses are cross-listed with your major or if your program approves Religious Studies courses as electives, they can “double-count” towards your major as well.  For instance, courses cross-listed with ART, PHIL, POLS, PYSC, SOC and WGS count towards those programs as well.  In addition, many programs will also approve particular Religious Studies courses as electives for the major (for instance, “Religious Studies 311 Islam” for International Business).  Check with your major advisor to see if any of the Religious Studies courses will work for your major, as well.

I Already Have A Minor.  Can I Also Minor In Religious Studies Without Taking An Extra Quarter To Do So?

Yes, many of our students earn double-minors. Because a Religious Studies minor requires just 24 units, many of which overlap with GE, USCP and electives in several majors, creating space in your curriculum for a Religious Studies minor is very easy.  And because minors have priority adding into Religious Studies classes – even those that satisfy GE, USCP and elective requirements, earning a Religious Studies minor may even help you get the classes you need to graduate more quickly.

Can I Receive Credit For Religious Studies Courses I Take While Studying Abroad?

Many of our students take courses while studying abroad that count towards the Religious Studies minor.  Students have taken classes while studying abroad in Thailand, Spain, and Italy, among other places.  These are determined on an individual basis by the Religious Studies minor advisors, depending on the content of the courses offered abroad.  It is a good idea to check with Dr. Kuhn or Dr. Lloyd-Moffett during the application process, to be sure you will receive credit towards the minor for the courses you take abroad.

I Transferred To Cal Poly From Another School.  Will I Receive Credit For The Religious Studies Courses I Took There?

In many cases, courses taken at previous universities may count towards your Religious Studies minor.  This is determined on an individual basis depending on the content of the course in question.  Please see Dr. Lloyd-Moffett for an assessment of your particular courses.

What If I Can’t Finish The Religious Studies Minor For Some Reason?

Because the Religious Studies minor is only 24 credits and overlaps with so many different GE, USCP and major elective classes for so many students, it is usually a very easy minor to fulfill.  However, should you discover that you have not completed the requirements by the time you are set to graduate, there are no repercussions or penalties.  You simply do not fill out the Religious Studies Minor Completion form, and you do not receive the minor.

I Have Completed The Religious Studies Minor Requirements. What Do I Do Now?

Congratulations!  If you original Religious Studies Minor form is accurate, then you don’t need to do anything.  Your degree should appear once you graduate.  However, if your courses have shifted since you first filled out the Religious Studies application form, then come into Dr. Lloyd-Moffett’s office (47-34N) or come to the Philosophy Department main office (47-37) and fill out a revised minor form.

More Questions?

Please contact Dr. Foxen or Dr. Lloyd-Moffett.

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