Religious Studies Minor Requirements

For course descriptions, please see Religious Studies Curriculum.

Area A: History of World Religious Traditions (Eight Units Minimum)

  • RELS 205 Jesus 
  • RELS 301 Religions of Asia (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS 302 Abrahamic Religions: Judaism Christianity, and Islam (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS 304 Judaism (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS 306 Hinduism (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS 307 Buddhism (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS 310 Christianity (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS 311 Islam (GE Upper-Division C)
  • ENGL 354 The Bible as Literature and in Literature and the Arts (GE Upper-Division C)
  • HIST 452 Renaissance and Reformation Europe

Area B: Approaches to the Study of Religion (Four Units Minimum)

  • RELS 344 Approaches to Religion (GE Upper-Division D)
  • PHIL 361 Indian Philosophy (GE Upper-Division C)
  • PHIL 362 Chinese and East Asian Philosophy (GE Upper-Division C)
  • PHIL 342 Philosophy of Religion (GE Upper-Division C)
  • SOC 377 Sociology of Religion (GE Upper-Division D)

Area C: Contemporary Issues in Religion (Four Units Minimum)

  • RELS 201 Religion, Dialogue, and Society (GE D2) 
  • WGQS/RELS 370 Religion, Gender, and Society (GE Upper-Division C, USCP)
  • RELS 372 Spiritual Extremism: Asceticism, Mysticism, and Madness (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS 374 Religion and Violence (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS 378 Religion & Contemporary Values (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS/POLS 380 Religion and Politics in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict 
  • RELS 390 Topics in Religious Studies (GE Upper-Division C)
  • RELS 400 Special Problems for Advanced Undergraduates 
  • RELS 470 Selected Advanced Topics
  • RELS 490 Advanced Topics in Religious Studies
  • ART 318 Asian Art Topics: National, Religious, and Intellectual Movements (GE Upper-Division C)
  • HIST 306 The Witch-Hunts in Europe, 1400-1800 (GE Upper-Division D)
  • HIST 453 Religious Wars and Absolutism

Eight Elective Units: Any additional RELS course (4 units must be at the 300-400 level)

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