Anya Foxen

Assistant Professor
Religious Studies Program Director
Religious Studies Minor Advisor

Contact Information


  • Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara, Religious Studies
  • M.A., University of California, Santa Barbara, Religious Studies
  • B.A., Rutgers University, English and French Literature

Professional Interests

  • American Metaphysical Religions
  • Western Esotericism
  • South Asian Yoga and Tantra
  • Modern Postural Yoga
  • Religion and Gender
  • Religion and Science

Courses Taught

  • RELS/WGQS 370: Religion, Gender, and Society
  • RELS 301: Religions of Asia
  • RELS 306: Hinduism
  • RELS 201: Religion, Dialogue, and Society
  • PHIL 361: Indian Philosophy

Selected Publications

  • Is This Yoga?: Concepts, Histories, and the Complexities of Modern Practice (New York: Routledge, 2021).
  • Inhaling Spirit: Harmonialism, Orientalism, and the Western Roots of Modern Yoga (New York: Oxford University Press, 2020).
  • Biography of a Yogi: Paramahansa Yogananda and the Origins of Modern Yoga (New York: Oxford University Press, 2017).
  • “Yogi Calisthenics: What the ‘non-Yoga’ Yogic Practice of Paramahansa Yogananda Can Tell Us About Religion.” Journal of the American Academy of Religion 85.3 (2017): 494-526.
  • “Mind Within Matter: Science, the Occult, and the (Meta)physics of Ether and Akasha.” Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science 51.2 (2016): 318-346.



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