The New Ecovillages, Dr. Tim Miller Lecture, April 29

Ithaca Ecovillage

University of Kansas Professor of Religious Studies, Dr. Tim Miller, is presenting a lecture entitled "The New Ecovillages: Can small communities save our planet?" Drawing from many examples from around the globe, this talk will explore the rise of ecovillages (and other alternative/sustainable living environments) and provide some insights into their future role in broader environmental movements.

When: 4 p.m., Friday April 29
Where: Bldg. 180, Rm. 101

Tim Miller is a giant in the field of communal studies and alternative religions. He is the past president of the International Communal Studies Association and Professor of Religious Studies at University of Kansas. Dr. Miller is the author of The Encyclopedic Guide to American Intentional Communities (2015), Spiritual and Visionary Communities: Out to Save the World (2013), The Modern Utopian: Alternative Communities Then and Now (2010), 1960s Communes: Hippies and Beyond (1999), The Quest for Utopia in Twentieth-century America: 1900-1960 (1998) and many other books and articles. 

Dr. Miller will be presenting a second talk entitled "The Future of Community" in which he is offering a Gifford-style lecture on the future of communal living. It is being hosted by an a local intentional community, the Lavra. 

When: 6 p.m., Saturday April 29 
Where: The Lavra, Arroyo Grande* 

* Please email for directions. 

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